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Spiritual Mentoring

You are a leader & you're here to pave the way for the new paradigm. 

It's time to awaken your Divine Genome! 

Until there's no separation between your phyiscal body & your soul self, you can't reach your full potential. 

In this program we will clear the programming, conditioning and the illusions you've been spoonfed about the body, food & your power.

As your frequency rises, your body changes too. But if you continue to relate to your body in a three dimensional way, you will get discord.

If what worked before, isn't working now. There's a reason for that.

Your body was never just a meatsuit.

What it is

Spiritual Mentoring is a 8 session personalized coaching container. Each session is 60min & held via Zoom. You can book the sessions within 6 months of purchase, using a private scheduling link provided upon puchase. 

During this program You will attune to the guidance from your higher self that is always, readily available to you, through your body.

By the end of the program you will be fully IN-BODIED in your potential. Actualizing your purpose with clarity & certainty. Leading the way for the Golden Age. 











€2222 due at time of booking

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Voxer support


The Brilliant Body Program (self-study)







€399 per month, 6 months

(Includes transaction fees)

The Details

Your lineage is more than your bloodline!

Any information you have absorbed through teachers, mentors & guides needs to be processed through your body OR it will phyiscally weigh you down. Any oaths, vows or declaration you've made to spiritual lineages or faiths can manifest as digestive issues, excess weight or tension. 

This work will call forth and activate your unique codes of light.

Everything you know about food is likely wrong.

The mixed messages you hear about food & diets are meant to confuse you. It's deliberate. For, as you know, a confused person is more likely to abdicate their knowing.

The separation created robs you of your Sovereignty. Through Vibrational Eating your will heal your relationship with food and your body. 

This work will activate your Divine Understanding of Food as sustanance. 

Your Body is the most sophisticated energy processing tool there is. Energy is meant to flow through you!

A slight shift in posture can make the difference between whether energy flows or hits a wall & starts bouncing around within you. 

You will learn how to work WITH your body, how to breath WITH your body to cultivate clear passage ways. 

To partner with your body is a beautiful thing! 

Density can manifest as a myriad of things.

Literally anything that weighs you down, whether it be negative thought patterns, information you think you need to hold on to, oaths, vows etc., has got to go. 

It's time to come back to the Truth of who you are as Source Light moving at a speed so fast You materialise into form. 

This work will Activate Your Vibrational Body!

As a body intuitive and Akashic Record Keeper, Anna bridges her work between the physical and non physical realms. 

As a 4/1 Manifesting Generator, the stars aligned to give her a 360° view of the Akashic Realms. 

She's here to liberate the lightworker community from the illusions of separation.

Join her on the joyride of living in harmony, as within so without. 

Your body is calling you home.