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Things won't fly the same in the New Paradigm. The Golden Age beckons you to realize the Truth of who you are. It calls you to live in the light and not be held down by weight & burdens. 

I'm passionate about supporting light leaders in anchoring their light. We're not bringing it down into the 3D. We're BIRTHING 5D and that's vastly different.

Now is not the time to get lost in darkness and the shadows of your soul. Focus on expanding your light and anything that's dimming your shine will make itself known. 

Akashic Records Readings

1 60 min private session $277

Available in English, Swedish & Italian

This is your opportunity to ask the questions closest to your heart. The Akasha is a holographic field where your souls journey is recorded. By working in Your Akashic Records, you can get to the root of an issue, heal & clear transgenerational trauma and align yourself with your highest timeline. 

Please come prepared to the session with max. 5 questions you have for your record keepers.

Vibrational Body Scan

1 45 min private sessions $222

Available in English, Swedish

In this laser focused session I will access your body's records and channel the messages that your body has for you. You will gain understanding of physical ailments and you will receive clear direction for the future. 

Be prepared to witness the potential that exists within you and understand what your body requires in order to actualize your potential & purpose.

Soul-Purpose Sessions

1 90 min session & 2 60 min private sessions $777

Available in English, Swedish

Never doubt your purpose or path again!
You know you chose to re-incarnate at this precaurious time because you can feel it in your bones.

But how do you best bring your magic forth? 

Who are you soul-chosen clients?

How can you reach them?

This container kicks of with a life-between-life review where we go directly to source. What did your soul sign-up for at the time of reincarnation? What's the impact you are having on the world?

This is the clarity of purpose you've been asking for!

Spirit-Child Sessions

1 90 min private sessions $333

Available in English, Swedish & Italian

Through my work in the Akasha I've been shown that sometimes a spirit guide chooses to come through the body of a child. Not because it intends or needs to be born but for the energetic interchange that occurs between mother and child during pregnancy. 

These souls I've come to refer to as spirit-children for they make part of your team of light beings. It's your direct link to the stars. 
For every mother who has lost a child or decided not to go through with a pregnancy, these sessions are for you. 

I do not know what message will come through but I have witnessed the immense amount of healing available when reconnecting with your spirit-child guide. 

Spiritual Mentoring

8 60 min private sessions $2222

Available in English & Swedish

Spiritual Mentoring is an intimate 6 month container of deep rememberance of your soul. You will clear the illusions and misconceptions you have about your body so that you can rest in the Truth of Who you Are.

As a result you will transform your relationship with your body & become a pure, clear channel of light.