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Hi, I'm Anna Golden Ray.

I help new paradigm leaders attune to their body's guidance & actualize their full potential.

I never planned for my work to be centered around the body but the universe gave me a unique ability to 'see' energy moving through the body & understand how it's all connected. 

Seeing the body as meat and bones is a deliberate distortion that creates a deep separation from Truth. 

I'm here to change that. Your Body is SO MUCH MORE than just a meat suit. 

If you're feeling frustrated with your body then you've come to the right place!

Your frustration is a sign, THE sign, that You are ready for the New Paradigm way aka. the Vibrational Way. 

The Divine Feminie Rising

Do you have a burning desire to contribute to a harmonious, loving Earth? I do too. 

Collective change in inevitable when we clear the disbeliefs, conditioning and illusions within us, that allow for the discriminatory (and outdated) systems to be in place. 

Yes, I'm talking about stepping into your Sovreignty. Embodied as the beakon of light you are. The solar feminine blazing through the BS. Who doesn't tolerate injustice, not for herself nor others. 

Nothing is more powerful than a woman fully embodied in her power. You've heard it before; the world needs Your light!

Now more than ever. 

But don't for a second belive that the road less travelled should has to be hard, difficult or lonely. THAT'S another distortion rooted in fear. 

The Earth is calling for your LIGHT. Which calls for Your most Joyous, exalted path that continues to surprise and delight you. 

JOY, LOVE, PROSPERITY, LAUGHTER, EXICITEMENT lay the foundations of Heaven on Earth. 

By releasing the illusions and separation that create density in your field, be it weight, tension, disease etc. The specific light codes that only You carry, can activate as you increase your ability to hold them.

I came into this life free from Karmic Debt, a literal beakon of light. I chose to join You on this planet at this time to remind you of your power, inner-knowingness and sovereignty.

Are you ready to rise? 

Reach new heights!

Your body was never just a meatsuit. If what worked before, isn't working now. There's a reason for that.

As your frequency rises, your body changes too. But if you continue to relate to your body in a three dimensional way, you will get discord.

Are you ready to clear the programming, conditioning and the illusions you've been spoonfed about the body, food & your power?

Let's attune your body to the guidance from Your higher self.
What is possible when your are fully embodied in this now moment as your multidimensional self?

A pure vessel of source, bringing forth your unique light codes.

That's what I want for you!